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Foiltek Oy

Tekninen myyjä


Etsimme vahvistukseksi teknistä myyjää vakituiseen työsuhteeseen Vantaan



Tehtävä sisältää asiakaskäyntejä, teknistä neuvontaa sekä uusasiakashankintaa.

Olet asiakaspalveluhenkinen, motivoitunut sekä aktiivisen työotteen omaava



Hakijoilta odotamme


-          B2B kaupan kokemusta

-          teknisen/kaupallisen alan koulutusta

-          kokemus alaltamme on eduksi

-          englannin kielen taitoa

-          perus MS Office taitoja

-          B-ajokorttia


Foiltek Oy on vuonna 1984 perustettu muovilevyjen ja muovintyöstökoneiden

maahantuonti ja tukkuliike.  Vuodesta 2006 olemme kuuluneet Etola-yhtiöihin.

Asiakaskuntaamme ovat muovilevyjen jatkojalostajat, painotalot, rakennusliikkeet,

teollisuus ja lasiliikkeet.


Tarjoamme sinulle mahdollisuuden kehittyä alan johtavassa yrityksessä ja

edetä vaativiin ja haastaviin myynnin tehtäviin osana isoa konsernia.


Lisätietoja antaa arkisin klo 10.00 – 11.00 TJ Veikko Ellilä puh. 020 7416 580.


Lähetä palkkatoiveella varustettu hakemuksesi ja ansioluettelosi

osoitteeseen  veikko.ellila@foiltek.fi


Picture of the Month 08/2017

Enjoy the summertime refreshments.

Picture of the month of August - and the winner is ... FORMFACTORY GMBH & CO.
KG with its DM Hollywood showcase project.

Summer is already in full swing – by just looking at it, the DM Hollywood SIBU project
will take care of the right summer shopping feeling

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with DM Hollywood >>



Picture of the Month 07/2017

Sleeping place wanted – extravagance found with SIBU

Stylishly and excitingly arranged hotel rooms can be found
at the exclusive “OLIVA NOVA Beach & Golf Resort” near
Valencia thanks to our
Spanish customer NIVIC Plásticos Internacionales SL.

In this way, the use of the extravagant material
SL CROCO Smoke PF met/Silver creates extraordinary sleep oases.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be
perfectly well combined with SL CROCO Smoke PF met/Silver >>



Picture of the Month 06/2017

timeless - elegant - SIBU DESIGN!

Our customer WALL STUDIO from Singapore perfectly succeeded in creating
an original staging of exquisite and luxurious materials.

In his project, he demonstrates a variety of applications - whether this be to pieces of furniture
or other spatial elements - where LL LEGUAN Silver lends the area a timeless elegance.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly well
combined with LL LEGUAN Silver >>



Picture of the Month 05/2017

Experience and enjoy beauty

A suitable ambience for this is offered by the current
shop project of our customer ALBA & CO from Paraguay.

The interaction between products SL ART Golden Age and LL ANTIGUA Gold
accentuates the pleasant sense of space and invites you to linger.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with SL ART Golden Age >>



Picture of the Month 04/2017

SIBU goes to space

SIBU Design continues to be the first choice of our customer FORMFACTORY.

The shop window displayed at the EuroShop trade fair held a mirror
up to the universe and let us find ourselves in space thanks to
the infinitely creative application of DM Skyblue.

Let us conquer new design galaxies together.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with DM Skyblue >>



Picture of the Month 03/2017

EuroShop 2017

EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf – the trade fair for shop design and shop fitting.

Earlier this month, our sophisticated exhibition stand magically attracted the attention of prospective customers and became the scene of terrific conversations.

Possible new applications were not only discussed but designed right away. At EuroShop, it showed once again that we properly discern the pulse of the times with our designs and developments.

We were perfectly pleased with the success of the trade fair and its large number of visitors and are looking forward to new challenging projects in the future.

In a nutshell: After the trade fair is before the trade fair! We will be back in 2020!

Please have a look at a selection of photos from the exhibition stand >>


Picture of the Month 02/2017

SIBU sets new trends

At hotel Winzer, our Austrian customer GASTRO-STYLE
has executed a particularly cosy hallway design.

The textured SIBU design sheet
LL ROMBO 40 Oxy Terra rounds off this project impressively.

Are you perhaps inspired by this innovative idea of our customer?
If so, you are welcome to set new trends with SIBU design sheets.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be
perfectly well combined with LL ROMBO 40 Oxy Terra >>


Picture of the Month 12/2016

hristmas is coming.

Our customer FORMFACTORY GmbH & Co. KG always finds a particularly stylish way
to showcase SIBU design sheets in his projects.

With this Christmas shop window, you just immerse in SIBU’s winter wonderland.
There, the Christmas tree is turned into a sparkling piece of jewellery with DM Mint.

On this note, SIBU DESIGN wishes everyone a tranquil and, above all,
stress-free time in the run-up to Christmas.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be
perfectly well combined with DM Mint >>



PLEXIGLAS® Newsletter 2016 #8

Dear reader,

It probably is not news to you that PLEXIGLAS® is incredibly versatile. However, the wide range of application possibilities continues to astound even us. Our theme world for September again is impressive proof of this versatility. Whether architecture and design, light and colors, creativity and functionality - the material is completely at home in all of these areas.

Our theme world again reflects this color and variety. Admire sturdy yet refined transparent walls in a swimming pool in southern France, discover the application options for our acrylic glass in a caravan, or marvel at the creativity of designers who shaped a fruit basket out of PLEXIGLAS®. But that is not all: PLEXIGLAS® is also showing its strengths in acoustic sails and is creating completely new sound experiences in a concert hall. And last but not least, we invite you to join us for a world record attempt. We are putting together the world’s largest glowstick - with the help of PLEXIGLAS®.

September therefore promises to be a colorful journey through the many ideas of engineers, designers, interior decorators, or artists that are inspired by PLEXIGLAS®.

Enjoy reading,