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PLEXIGLAS® Newsletter 2016 #8

Dear reader,

It probably is not news to you that PLEXIGLAS® is incredibly versatile. However, the wide range of application possibilities continues to astound even us. Our theme world for September again is impressive proof of this versatility. Whether architecture and design, light and colors, creativity and functionality - the material is completely at home in all of these areas.

Our theme world again reflects this color and variety. Admire sturdy yet refined transparent walls in a swimming pool in southern France, discover the application options for our acrylic glass in a caravan, or marvel at the creativity of designers who shaped a fruit basket out of PLEXIGLAS®. But that is not all: PLEXIGLAS® is also showing its strengths in acoustic sails and is creating completely new sound experiences in a concert hall. And last but not least, we invite you to join us for a world record attempt. We are putting together the world’s largest glowstick - with the help of PLEXIGLAS®.

September therefore promises to be a colorful journey through the many ideas of engineers, designers, interior decorators, or artists that are inspired by PLEXIGLAS®.

Enjoy reading,




The Magic of Christmas ...

... finally it is there, the wonderful pre-Christmas period.
Enjoy with us, the inspiring spirit of Christmas of Bond Street in London.
The fascinating Christmas lighting system DM Galaxy Silver was put
into operation by our customer from Portugal – MITERA
(project designed by: Castros Iluminações Festivas, Portugal).

Let our current application finally get you into the spirit of Christmas.

This will lead you to a special selection of our products that can be
perfectly combined with the DM Galaxy Silver >>



News_21 Bencore @ SPA

Bencore @ SPA
Bencore Starlight Clear T dress itself up with lights for the concept project of future SPA.
Backlighted with rgb LED enhances optical illusion by his unique weave.



When art and interior design met, this was when hotel AMEDIA Luxury Suites in Graz emerged.

AMEDIA was able to create this unique art hotel together with the artist Simone Gutsche-Sikora. With her special and inimitable sense for the beautiful, the artist designed 50 extraordinary business and superior suites which were realised accordingly.

LL CROCO Black brings a touch of the exotic to suite „Impala“ and is thus a key component of the ensemble. Discover the full splendour of our SIBU diversity on an overnight stay, based on the freely adapted hotel motto
“50 different pARTs of living”.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly well combined with LL CROCO Black >>




UUSI esittelyvideo
taivutuskone HRK 125

KATSO tästä

New demonstration video HRK 125!











Shannon Machines and Frisse Focus have worked together to create a new video for the HRK 125 plastic bending machine! To watch the video or for further information, Click here. This video is ideal to put on your website, to explain and promote the HRK machine with it's possibilities.




Picture of the Month 10/2015

Just in the way select wines are a perfect accompaniment with every good meal,
SIBU Design provides you with a wide selection of special SIBU design
sheets for each one of your projects.

Our customer SMART DESIGN Créateur D‘espaces from France wholeheartedly relies on
SIBU DESIGN where accompaniment is concerned. In this successful project, enjoyment
is paramount, and that means a most pleasant atmosphere in the environment of
DM Gold AR and SG LUXURY Gold AR+.

SIBU DESIGN – We will be pleased to accompany you on your next project, too.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with DM Gold AR >>



Picture of the Month 09/2015

When effective plays of light attract attention, delicate colours blend in with the latest collections of
international designers and mirror surfaces reveal their impressive views depending on the angle of
vision, this is the result of SIBU DESIGN being implemented.

For our customer FORMFACTORY GmbH & Co. KG, it was a matter of finding such decorative items
that would be able to put their designer pieces in the limelight in an accomplished manner.
SIBU DESIGN‘s Deco-Line made it possible!

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with DM Mint >>



Picture of the Month 08/2015

As a result of the close and intensive cooperation with our customers, we are able to respond
to highly individual requests. Accordingly, in teamwork with our Italian customer SADUN SRL,
we have developed TL LACE Vintage Brown glossy.

This very special SIBU product meets the particular requirements of the client and has been
employed with great success in the GEOX-Shop spring / summer 2015 window display.   

Use the SIBU TRANSLUCENT-LINE for brilliant highlights.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with TL LACE Vintage Brown glossy >>



Picture of the Month 07/2015

SIBU DESIGN – “Charming Style”. We are delighted to present you the current project of our customer
WALL STUDIO PTE Ltd from Singapore, who put the gems of jeweller Larry in the limelight
in a charming manner by means of tasteful application of our product SL DAKOTA Metal.

Let yourself be inspired by SIBU DESIGN products … and be enchanted by the sparkle of the gems.

Have another look at a special range of our products that can be perfectly
well combined with SL DAKOTA Metal >>